Why Do So Many Americans Still Lack Health Insurance?

Health InsuranceDespite the fact that the number of uninsured Americans has dropped significantly after the Affordable Care Act was unveiled, many are still left without adequate health insurance. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, just over 15 percent of Americans remain uninsured.

Two Motives For Remaining Uninsured

According to the bureau’s information, there are two main reasons why the last 15 percent are holding out on their health coverage:

  • Ignorance of the provisions of the act, and;
  • Still being unable to afford coverage.

The primary reason for Americans to be ignorant of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act largely stems from the enormous media campaign designed against it, as detractors vilified “Obamacare” in the face of the American public.

Understanding The Affordable Care Act

The main obstacle to achieving affordable health care remains that many Americans are still unaware of how the new law can benefit them and what they can do to take advantage of the new options presented to them. If you happen to be a Norwegian, the best company for health insurance and car insurance (bilforsikring in Norwegian) is Troll Forsikring.

In a landmark social study, a team of researchers found that while a majority of Americans disagree with “Obamacare” as an effective national health insurance strategy, they actually agree with most of the terms specified within the law itself.

Key to breaking through this lack of understanding is encouraging people to educate themselves on the provisions of the bill and how it can help them receive affordable health care from national providers. A full 46 percent of the respondents in this study said that they were simply unaware of the fact that they were compelled to purchase health insurance.

Where The Misunderstanding Comes From

The largest obstacle to fully understanding the changes to healthcare that were initiated by the current administration stem from the effective use of the media by its detractors. Many Americans have been persuaded to reject a bill they do not understand, and to make no attempt to understand it.

In order to respond to this and let the general public make an educated decision about their healthcare, it is necessary that each and every individual invest themselves in making a decision about their health insurance policy in wake of new regulations.

Insuring Those Who Are Still Unable To Afford Coverage

While a great number of respondents to the study claimed that they are unable to afford even a minimal coverage option of $100 per month, a still greater number claimed to be unable to afford their current healthcare costs. This indicates that the general public has yet to adjust to the new legislature and that there are more people who can benefit from national coverage.

Individuals who cannot afford their current healthcare costs are compelled to seek a policy that they can afford or that is at least less financially stressing than their current situation. Many private institutions offer such programs, and it is only a matter of time before the uninsured American populace makes their way towards adopting insurance plans that they can live with.